Friday, August 27, 2010

New to blogger. What do?

So, uhh, yeah. Haven't a clue what to do with a blog, but decided to make one regardless xD. Where to begin... I guess an introduction, I suppose? My names Matt, average guy from a little town in Massachussetts, but I always go by PancakeWalrus on the internet. Why PancakeWalrus? Why not. You can find me on YouTube, Steam, and PlayStation Network, all under the same name (Steam has a few clan tags, but I'm the only PancakeWalrus on there). I'm a fan of Metal Gear, Touhou, Pendulum, and a dumpload of other things that just don't go together. I play PS3 a lot, write, listen to music, the good stuff. What is it I write? Big stuff. Reign of Chaos, but more on that at another time. Well, hopefully this doesn't end up like my other failed things and gets abandoned less than a week after this post!